Dealing with bereavement

Dealing with bereavement

All of us have to find our own ways of dealing with bereavement. One of mine was to start writing poetry. The first effort emerged about a year after my wife died. In it I tried to express the...

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4 days ago
The Recovery College: Courses and workshops to support personal recovery from mental ill health or co-occurring drug and alcohol misuse. Find out more here: #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #bridgesupport BridgeMH photo
5 days ago
People with mental health problems who have been in high support services and are on the road to independence often need support to continue their recovery

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6 days ago
Women who suffer from mental health issues are sometimes compounded by problems caused by other issues such as rough sleeping, homelessness, and domestic violence.

Read about our women-only services here:

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7 days ago
What effect do smartphones have on mental health? A study of 1,043 students aged 18-30 at King’s College London found that 406 (38.9%) displayed symptoms of smartphone addiction, as defined by a clinical tool devised to diagnose the problem. #bridgesupport
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1 week ago
Sharing this post about coping with an eating disorder during the pandemic:

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