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How can we support people who need 24-hour, high-level mental health support in the community?

When people leave secure units such as hospitals, they often need an intensive level of continued support in a 24-hour mental health facility.

Clients also move into 24-hour support if they have been living in the community and have suffered a relapse.

Traditional high-dependency mental health support facilities do not focus on move on, so many clients become deskilled and end up staying in 24-hour facilities longer than necessary.

At Bridge, our 24-hour facilities focus on building the skills and resilience necessary to successfully transition to independent living. As well as being beneficial for the client, this also means they don’t get stuck in expensive long-term facilities.

If a client relapses, 24-support means they recover faster without going back to a secure facility.

Bridge 24-hour mental health support services focus on giving clients the skills they need to live independently

  • One of our 24 hour projects has 9 units offering 24 hour supported accommodation
  • 2 members of staff are present during the day, and 1 at night
  • Clients prepare their own meals and are responsible for their own personal care
  • Clients also have a key to the front door
  • Support is tailored to the client
  • Clients can live at home with their usual support networks

We provide support which can include: 

  • managing medication and engagement in mental health treatment programmes; 
  • establishing and successfully maintaining a tenancy;  
  • developing or regaining independent living skills e.g. cooking, shopping and household tasks;  
  • identifying and applying for suitable move-on accommodation;  
  • building motivation, confidence, and self-esteem;  
  • managing personal finances including claiming benefits, budget planning, paying bills and developing money management skills;  
  • accessing education, training, volunteering or employment opportunities;  
  • living a full and active life in the local community. 

The quality of care delivered has been excellent, the economic argument is a powerful one comparing the cost of placement in secure hospitals with the scheme provided at the TILT project. 

John EnserOxleas NHS Foundation Trust 

What makes us different?  

  • Unlike other high support services, our service focuses on giving clients the skills they need to live independently 
  • Our aim is for clients to move on after 2 years, to medium support or independent living with a low level of support 
  • Our clients are the centre of our 24-hour service. We hold monthly client-led house meetings which involve all the clients. These are chaired by a client on a rotation basis. 

Bridge currently operate their 24-hour, high support mental health service in two locations across South East London and two locations across Essex. However, we are not limited to these areas and are very happy to discuss developing the service elsewhere in the UK.

  • How you can work with us

    As well as the normal tendering process, you can commission our services in the following ways:

    • Use our contact form
    • Pick up the phone to speak to us on 020 8298 9677
    • Email us to discuss spot contracting OR delivery of a bespoke service that meets your need