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Greenwich Mental Health Hub (GMHH)

How can we offer non-clinical person-centred support to help prevent the escalation of mental health problems and to aid recovery?

The Greenwich Community Wellbeing Hub not only operates as a front-door to mental health
support, but also provides step-down support for people ready for discharge from secondary

The new service continues to bring together expertise from Oxleas, RBG, BLG Mind and Bridge,
but under a new identity. The Greenwich Community Wellbeing Hub delivers operates across
both Primary and Secondary Care as a bridging the gap service.

The Hub will mean there is no wrong door into services and allow for frictionless movement
between them. A holistic approach to care is achieved by assessing and meeting needs through
an integrated multi-disciplinary team providing both clinical and non clinical support.

Most people with mental health problems leaving 24-hour support need a gradual entry back to independent living. 

The Greenwich Community Wellbeing Hub will operate as a front-door to mental health support,
but also will provide step-down support for people ready for discharge from secondary care.

Here’s how:

  • Holistic assessment of a person’s needs in order to support rehabilitation and
    integration back in to the local community.
  • A comprehensive brief intervention programme (typically 4-8 weeks but can be up to
    12 weeks). – RS checking – tier 1 and tier 2 approach.
  • Social prescribing support to facilitate access to resources and activities.
  • Straightforward process for re-engagement with clients after discharge if required.
  • Multi-disciplinary team meetings to facilitate frictionless movement between services.

The quality of care delivered has been excellent, the economic argument is a powerful one comparing the cost of placement in secure hospitals with the scheme provided at the TILT project. 

John EnserOxleas NHS Foundation Trust 

We are expecting improved outcomes for those that use our service, due to a more effective
pathway throughout the system and by receiving support that is tailored and better suits their

Expected outcomes include:

  • Reduced waiting times to access support.
  • Reduced average length of engagement as people are supported to quickly move
    through the service having received the input they need.
  • Increased engagement in community resources and activities.
  • Reduced escalation of mental health problems as a result of unaddressed issues
    such as debt, housing, unemployment and social isolation.
  • Increased self-management skills for people with mental health problems.
  • Reduced health inequalities, in particular for people from BAME.

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