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Support for People Moving On From High-Dependency Mental Health Services

Where do people with mental health problems get help when they move on from 24-hour support?

Sometimes, people with enduring mental health problems who are ready to take a step towards independence need significant help to stay on the road to recovery. 

If people move too quickly from 24-hour support to independent living, they are more likely to have setbacks, including relapse and readmittance. 

Most people with mental health problems leaving 24-hour support need a gradual entry back to independent living. 

Medium mental health support in the community

  • Targeted help for people on a pathway from 24-hour support 
  • Onsite support 9am- 9pm, on call throughout the night 
  • Supported accommodation  
  • High quality housing  
  • Women only services  

The quality of care delivered has been excellent, the economic argument is a powerful one comparing the cost of placement in secure hospitals with the scheme provided at the TILT project. 

John EnserOxleas NHS Foundation Trust 

How we do it 

  • Each client takes ownership of a support plan  
  • A dedicated support worker works with the client  
  • The relationship between Bridge team members and the clients is fundamental to the success of the program 
  • Clients live in accommodation that promotes independence 
  • Clients learn or relearn daily living skills that are crucial for them achieving independence 
  • Partnership working with clinicians and care coordinators 
  • Ensuring clients have the best possible assistance they need for their path to recovery 

What makes us different? 

  • We create a support plan for each client that meets their needs. 
  • The Trial Leave Period enables us to assess the suitability of the client for the project.  
  • Clients learn real-life skills that give them a better chance of living independently. 
  • Staged integration protects both the client and the community.

The impact on the client and the community 

  • Typically, it takes less than 2 years for a client to move from medium to a lower level of support 
  • Over 30% of clients move on to lower levels of support every year 
  • In 2 years, 50% of clients move on to independent living 
  • Cost per annum is 10k a year which is 5x less than accommodating a person in 24-hr support 
  • How you can work with us

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