At Bridge, we take a holistic approach to mental health and see each individual as a whole person. We have achieved great success in improving recovery rates through our carefully tailored packages of personalized care. For example, Tilt, our project which provides support for ex-offenders with mental health problems, has a success rate of over 95% clients not re-offending after move-on.

One individual who has achieved an impressive progression route through Tilt and into medium support care from Bridge is Alistair*. He said: “Thanks to the support of Bridge this is the longest time I’ve been out of hospital. I’ve found Bridge to be really supportive. They took the time to sit down with me and help me talk things through instead of bottling them up which really helped and gave me good advice on how to handle difficult life situations.”

“I’ve now progressed into a medium support unit and Bridge medium support team gives me assistance. I’ve got more independence but also support when needed. I’ve put a lot of work in myself and the team at Bridge then helped me progress. Working together with Bridge has given me hope and a positive outlook on my future.”

Our clients in medium support care continue to progress. Clint* said: “I like it at Bridge. I am able to spend time in my own room and clean it in peace. The staff are very understanding and listen to my problems. They help make benefit problems simple to get through.” Dave* said: “My time at Bridge is good. The staff are very helpful. The house is very nice with a nice garden to relax in.”

Vicki Judge, Medium Support Service Manager, said: “In our Medium Support Service we have helped many clients to improve their daily living skills, access community facilities and progress along their individual recovery pathway. We work with each client to agree a support plan specific to their own goals and support needs and every contact we have with clients promotes recovery and independence.

“In the first seven months of the Medium Support Service, three of our clients have moved on to independent living. It has been a real pleasure to work with these clients and support them through their move from supported housing to securing their own tenancies. All three of these clients are doing well in setting up their new tenancies, settling in and starting new chapters of their lives.”

*Not their real names

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Sharing this personal account of an individual who experienced the negative impact of the lack of mental health beds when she was hospitalised out of her area and away from her usual care team. #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthAwareness BridgeMH photo
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Our Bridge Back Home team offers practical support to clients and their families to facilitate an earlier discharge home. Could we help get you home? #bridgesupport @raymondsheehy BridgeMH photo
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Did you know we work together with Mental Health Commissioners to provide the best possible opportunities for our clients through support, training, and encouragement? Discover more here: #BridgeSupport #MentalHealthMatters BridgeMH photo
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We have a proven track record of successfully moving clients on from our 24-hour support service after just 2 years, either to medium support or independent living, so they can continue their recovery. Learn more here: #bridgesupport #MentalHealthMatters BridgeMH photo
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The cost per person for our medium support service is £10k per year, 5x less than 24-hr community provision and a staggering 17x less than secure hospital accommodation. Learn more: @raymondsheehy #bridgesupport #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthrecovery BridgeMH photo
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If the steps taken upon leaving a 24-hour service are too big, there's a risk of relapse. Medium support can be the perfect stepping stone on the path back to independent living. Learn more from our latest blog here: #bridgesupport #mentalhealthrecovery BridgeMH photo

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