Mental Health Awareness Training for Staff and Volunteers in Greenwich

Mental Health Awareness

In an effort to improve mental health awareness and support those who may be struggling, Greenwich Borough Council has partnered with Bridge to provide mental health training for staff and volunteers in their warm spaces, such as libraries and community centres. The 3-hour workshop aims to equip people with the necessary tools and knowledge to identify and signpost individuals with mental health issues.

Mental health is a growing concern in our society, and everyone must have the knowledge and tools to deal with it. This is particularly true for staff and volunteers who regularly interact with the public.

The training allows staff to understand mental health issues better and support colleagues and clients who need it.

The training covers several important topics as follows:

Identifying mental health issues

The workshop covers a range of mental health issues that individuals may experience, such as anxiety or depression. Participants learn about the signs and symptoms of each condition and how to offer the appropriate support.

Signs a person may be experiencing a mental health issue

The training helps staff and volunteers identify signs that someone may be experiencing a mental health issue, such as substance misuse, oversleeping, anger, or bingeing.

Examples of stigma and stereotyping

The workshop highlights examples of stigma and stereotyping that individuals with mental health issues may face, such as being unhelpfully labelled as “attention seeking”, “unsociable”, or “dramatic.” Participants learn how these negative attitudes can be harmful and contribute to further mental health problems.

Impact of the media on stigma and stereotyping

The training addresses the impact of the media on the stigma and stereotyping of mental health issues. Participants will learn how media portrayals of mental illness can contribute to harmful stereotypes and perpetuate misinformation.

Impact of stigma and stereotyping

The workshop highlights how stigma and stereotyping can have a detrimental impact on individuals with mental health issues, including isolation, shame, and reduced access to healthcare and support.

Roles and responsibilities of staff and volunteers

The training outlines the roles and responsibilities of staff and volunteers in supporting individuals with mental health issues. Participants will learn how to offer appropriate support, maintain confidentiality, and make referrals to mental health professionals.

Maintaining the mental health and well-being of staff and volunteers 

Finally, the workshop addresses the importance of preserving staff and volunteers’ mental health and well-being. Participants will learn how to recognise signs of burnout and prioritise self-care.

Mental health training is a positive step towards creating a more mentally healthy community. By increasing awareness and reducing stigma, staff and volunteers can play a vital role in supporting individuals with mental health issues, helping them to access the help and support they need. With this training, Greenwich Borough Council and Bridge are taking an important step towards a more inclusive and supportive community.

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