The Meaning of World Mental Health Day – 10th October

Mental Health Awareness

With World Mental Health Day approaching on the 10th of October, we are all motivated to take a closer look at what our responsibility is to the mental health support of those around us.

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘Dignity’ and we’ve identified a local theme in the Greenwich Borough of ‘All of Us Greenwich’, to recognise that mental health affects all of us and is everybody’s issue.

Mental health issues can have a negative impact on those experiencing them, especially if they do not get the support and help they need. Mental health in the UK, is a subject taken seriously and the foundation of our work focuses on getting individuals the help they need, when they need it.

At Bridge, we encourage the family, friends and loved ones of those suffering mental health conditions to do their bit towards helping them lead a more balanced and comfortable lifestyle. Before we provide information on how we can help with this, let’s take a closer look at what World Mental Health Day is all about.

World Mental Health Day is aimed at creating mental health awareness and is observed on a global basis. The objective of the day is the mobilisation of efforts and services in support of mental health. On this particular day, professionals working within the mental health field are provided the opportunity to speak out about their work and help others to be aware of what needs to be done in order to make efficient and effective mental health care a reality for people on a global scale.

Mental health foundations and organisations join forces and work together to raise awareness of what processes need to be followed and which organisations to turn to, to ensure those living with mental issues and conditions can live with dignity and comfort.

Raymond Sheehy, Chief Executive, Bridge

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3 days ago
Delayed Transfer of Care can see patients staying up to 6 months longer than necessary in mental health units, resulting in a decline in vital life skills and, therefore, a diminished capacity to live independently. Find out more: #mentalhealthsupport BridgeMH photo
4 days ago
More evidence of the impact of Covid has been revealed by the Social Workers Benevolent Trust which found c.75% of social workers are 'emotionally and mentally exhausted' since working through the pandemic. #everymindmatters #mentalhealthrecovery BridgeMH photo
5 days ago
Many people with mental health problems struggle to find high-quality housing and maintain their tenancy. Our housing management service focuses on providing safe, high-quality accommodation combined with support to aid recovery. #bridgesupport BridgeMH photo
6 days ago
Sharing this article from Mental Health Today which examines Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), a successful therapy for trauma. Discover more here. #mentalhealthrecovery #everymindmatters
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7 days ago
Because mental health is, for the most part, invisible, when someone speaks up and asks for help, it's vital they are listened to. #mentalhealthawareness #bridgesupport #mentalhealthsupport #everymindmatters #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthrecovery BridgeMH photo
1 week ago
Our long-term vision for our clients focuses on recovery and living a full, active, and independent life. Our cost-effective community pathways provide an invaluable bridge between inpatient mental health services and independent living. #everymindmatters BridgeMH photo

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