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Recovery is a loose term, but in the mental health-aid industry it is “the” term. It is the goal we strive for for all our patients, in an effort to help them recover from their symptoms or learn how to deal with living with a medical illness. Our goal is to aid and facilitate the road to recovery and support those suffering with mental ill-health on this journey.

Bridge Support is one of the largest providers of mental health and well-being services in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. We aim to help everyone in the Borough who may be experiencing mental health issues to recover well and to live an empowered life.

We believe in collaborative partnership working to assist the individual at every stage of their journey. As such, we run supported housing projects for people not yet ready to live independently and we offer a flexible support service for  those already living in their own homes. We offer a ground-breaking forensic mental health unit for those who have found themselves caught up in the criminal justice system to recover and not re-offend.

Recovery College and Stir Cafe

Our Recovery College is a highly successful innovative service – we offer educational courses for students to reach optimum wellbeing in their lives. Courses range from knitting, to meditation, men’s courses, foundation for recovery courses, art and photography, employ-ability, healthy walks and allotment projects to enhance creativity and recovery. Over 1, 000 students have already enrolled with many going on to training and employment opportunities. Find out more here.

Alongside our Recovery College, at the same site, we have opened Stir Cafe, a social enterprise cafe which serves healthy food to enhance wellbeing. At Stir, students from the College are offered work experience opportunities to give them a stepping stone to go on to employment. Get involved and sign up to one of our exciting courses or drop into Stir cafe to meet people in the local community and eat deliciously healthy food.

There are many other opportunities in the Borough to improve your wellbeing. Here are some interesting ideas:

Charlton Athletic Community Trust

If you like football but are struggling with your mental health, get involved with the brilliant Charlton Athletic Community Trust.

CACT’s award-winning mental health initiatives works alongside partners such as Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Kent and Medway NHS Trust. Play football and be supported at the same time while meeting others in the community.

Good Gym

Running and exercise has been clinically proven to improve mental health and wellbeing. Good Gym is a great initiative, in that it combines running with helping your local community. Go on short runs to improve your stamina while helping with community projects such as improving local gardens and helping the elderly. Get running to help others in the community and meet like-minded people.

Other local opportunities abound include ‘The Snug’ Tea and Coffee Chat group for locals to drop in for a chat with free entry in Eltham. There’s also, Men in Sheds at Mycenae House and Women in Sheds at the same venue for people of 50 years and over to come together, meet new people, avoid isolation, learn new skills and help the community. All details can be found at the Greenwich Community Directory, which is a great resource for sourcing local upcoming events.

Pets are also proven to aid mental health and improve all-round wellbeing. If you can’t have a dog in your home or can’t afford one, there’s a brilliant website called: Borrow My Doggy. It enables you to borrow someone’s dog safely and take them for regular walks and enjoy all the benefits of being a pet owner without taking that next leap. It allows you to become friends with your neighbours and learn what it’s like to be a pet owner.

Mind Charity also runs a friendly online community of people striving towards recovery called Elefriends that you can join.

If you are struggling with your mental health and can’t yet summon the energy to get out into your local community, there are many online resources to help you. At Bridge Support we regularly write blogs about recovery to inspire hope. Keep checking our website and social media accounts for regular updates.

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The Recovery College: Courses and workshops to support personal recovery from mental ill health or co-occurring drug and alcohol misuse. Find out more here: https://t.co/eYuHJBt68s #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #bridgesupport https://t.co/6Dlq8yFs1x BridgeMH photo
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People with mental health problems who have been in high support services and are on the road to independence often need support to continue their recovery

Find out about Bridge Flexible Support https://t.co/My0952bZ4n

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Women who suffer from mental health issues are sometimes compounded by problems caused by other issues such as rough sleeping, homelessness, and domestic violence.

Read about our women-only services here: https://t.co/0gFlyoTrrT

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What effect do smartphones have on mental health? A study of 1,043 students aged 18-30 at King’s College London found that 406 (38.9%) displayed symptoms of smartphone addiction, as defined by a clinical tool devised to diagnose the problem.
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