Dealing with bereavement

Dealing with bereavement

All of us have to find our own ways of dealing with bereavement. One of mine was to start writing poetry. The first effort emerged about a year after my wife died. In it I tried to express the...

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8 hours ago
Campaigners have called for targeted measures to address the complex needs - such as mental health problems, addiction, poverty, and self-harm - of vulnerable women leaving prison.
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1 day ago
Sharing this article from the BBC about the recent documentary, Stacey Dooley: Back on the Psych Ward, where mental health professionals and their patients talked about how they've been affected by Covid-19 and multiple UK lockdowns. #bridgesupport BridgeMH photo
4 days ago
This BMJ article argues where Covid-19 has widened health and socioeconomic inequalities affecting women and children, new economic policies will produce a fairer, stronger, and more resilient society. #bridgesupport BridgeMH photo
5 days ago
Living somewhere safe has a profound effect on mental health but those with mental health problems can struggle to find the right place to stay. We support those who need help finding a place to call home.

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6 days ago
Unlike other facilities, our 24-hour support service focuses on giving clients the skills they need to live independently. Understand more about how this supports recovery here:
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1 week ago
An accessible article and useful guide on how best to facilitate honest chats with men about their mental health.
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